Jamaica Mission Trip 2019
Day 1
Sunrise departure: Jamaica here we come!
Day 2
On our first day of work we didn’t hesitate to jump in at the Jamaican Christian School for the Deaf (JCSD). Some of us were mixing and laying concrete while others worked on tiling a new classroom. That evening we had the incredible opportunity to listen to Ms. Sophia share her story about how God led her to open JCSD. The ultimate message being that wherever God leads you, He will provide.
Day 3
 On our second day we split into two groups, one working on finishing up projects at JCSD while the others helped run CBS at a local neighborhood on the mountain and then traveled to West Haven, a home for individuals with severe disabilities. There they were able to share their love, laughter and smiles. We can’t thank you enough for your prayers and support. We ask that as our journey continues that you continue to pray for opportunities to start conversations about our incredible God and for energy to do His work.