Jamaica Mission Trip 2019
Day 1
Sunrise departure: Jamaica here we come!
Day 2
On our first day of work we didn’t hesitate to jump in at the Jamaican Christian School for the Deaf (JCSD). Some of us were mixing and laying concrete while others worked on tiling a new classroom. That evening we had the incredible opportunity to listen to Ms. Sophia share her story about how God led her to open JCSD. The ultimate message being that wherever God leads you, He will provide.
Day 3
 On our second day we split into two groups, one working on finishing up projects at JCSD while the others helped run CBS at a local neighborhood on the mountain and then traveled to West Haven, a home for individuals with severe disabilities. There they were able to share their love, laughter and smiles. We can’t thank you enough for your prayers and support. We ask that as our journey continues that you continue to pray for opportunities to start conversations about our incredible God and for energy to do His work.
Day 4
For our fourth day, the group was split up to all the locations: Blossom Garden Orphanage, West Haven Home for the Disabled, Christian Bible School (CBS) , and JCSD (Jamaican Christian School for the Deaf) . At Blossom Garden, we were able to spend time with the orphans, feeding, comforting, and playing with them, which they loved dearly. At West Haven, we were blessed to spend time with the disabled adults and children. The wonderful spirit they all had and their beautiful smiles truly brought warmth to our hearts. Even though some couldn’t move around or even communicate, we were still able to be there to comfort them and make them smile greatly with joy. It was honestly the greatest feeling in the world. At CBS, we sang songs with the children from a village in the mountains and got to play some games with them. Last but not least, at JCSD, we were able to complete an excellent amount of work and spend some quality time with the deaf children. The work done by the group this day was said to be some of the best in years, and we finished early enough to have time to play sports and do arts and crafts with the children! God has openly worked through all of us to help out the best we can, but at the same time, God has given us marvelous experiences that have made our beliefs and mindsets much stronger. Again, thank you for all your prayers and support.
Day 7
As we wrap up an incredible trip our hearts are tender and reminded of God’s sweet love for his children. Today we were greeted with an incredible sunrise and a slow morning to soak in some of the BIG things God has been actively working on in our hearts this week. We then took a day of rest (as suggested by the Lord himself) at the beaches of Montego Bay. Our evening was powerful as we took time as a group of 70 to share and answer the question, “What are you taking home with you?” During this time we heard remarkable testimonies to God’s goodness and steadfast love as the youth and adults shared how they saw our God make huge impacts this week. It’s clear that flames were ignited here in Jamaica and we pray that as this team returns we not only get home safely, but upon our return there may be a steady and consistent reminder of what was seen, felt and experienced here in this beautiful country. We can’t wait to share more with our church family!